WWC as an initiative to make UN convention against corruption work for business leaders and communities

If institutions meant to work don't, citizens can pick up their tools to make institutions work as they should
Or when deceived professionals realize, they are just angry citizens with skills, they sharpen their pencils and clear their throats, watch out post-truth democracies! Fake news cannot make our reality fake, too.
One day we woke up to discover that it is not Skynet that hijacked our world yet, but old-fashioned democracy which evolved to be predatory and self-serving drugged on globalization steroids. And it all started with a little bit sleight of hand here and there, before it matured into old-fashioned corruption...
                                                        "A world without corruption would be a strange world indeed - and a damned bad world for lawyers, let me say." 
                                                                                                                                                                     Robertson Davies (The Rebel Angels)
Among a great multitude of various projects, initiatives, pacts and alliances one cannot help but notice that the practical aspect of the application of all those wonderful tools has been missing. Corruption has been subjected to measurements, metrics, indices, research, in-depth studies and creative analysis but it has still stayed  that good old system that 'makes the world go round'. This social malaise has been cleverly manipulated by those who adroitly used it as a political tool, others used it as a way to create new platforms. More bluntly it has been flogged by the big 4 and law firms who gladly enriched themselves by divesting funds from the real fight to help languish in agony longer. The anti-corruption industry has been mined empty and now only the law enforcement coming to the table with the good cop-bad cop approach, yet hoping that the guilty companies disclose themselves as the law enforcers certainly lack talents in that field. So in those turbulent times of the financial doom and gloom one can only hope that the increased competition will not erode quickly professed principls of business ethics, integrity and compliance. We all can only hope that some of it stays as a reasonable anchor to keep business well grounded in those highly important concepts.
What we are trying to do is to finally deliver our own practical experience - ours and our long time partners to help business stay the course with all our available toolkits, case studies and show cases.
So it all goes back to grass root initiatives and activism just to restore our basic human rights as citizens, not as just some humans as political correctness reduced us to. The self-serving industry of anti-corruption and international treaties no longer has any relevance.

Project overview:

Since most formal docs exist only in their special space, we realize it is up to us to make it work for people who reside outside dead institutions
  • Now it is perfect timing to benefit from involvement of professionals who were also scarred by the State
  • Quasi-activist space has exhausted itself and predatory organizations like Transparency International have been exposed
  • Professionals have more time on their hands to salvage their own professions
  • Anti-corruption led to more corruption and now it is the time to see why
  • Lots of people began to see things for what they are
  • Not shareholder activism makes a difference, but citizen activism

Project Objectives

Bring those who have abused power and trampled on people's rights to justice. If there is no justice left, transparency, exposure and accountability would be a good start. There's plenty of framework available to back up claims of people
  • Make the system work before it dies
  • Seek justice for those abused over the years
  • Expose the predatory nature of genetically modified capitalism
  • Launch various initiatives to demand justice
  • Put to good use professional skills to dig ourselves out of this swamp
  • Explore ways to make the system deliver quickly
  • Raise awareness among those who despair

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